Saturday, January 20, 2007

If I'm not careful, this could become habit...

Posting twice in a 24 hour period. Don't think I've ever bothered to do that before.

Anyway- here it is, gone midnight, and I'm hitting my stride. I just wish I had somewhere for that stride to take me.

I've been suffering from tics pretty badly today. Part of it's just shivering- I've probably mentioned it before, but my.. 'shiver reflex' has been rewired into a Tourette's-like spasming tic of the head, neck and shoulder.

I was feeling.. uneasy earlier. Watched- even haunted, perhaps. The cat's sleeping peacefully. Since animals and children are thought to be much more sensitive to weird shit, I'll take his word for it. Just me and my tortured imagination. Such is my life.

Old dreams torment my waking mind, and painful memories prey on my sleep. The Dream is back in the forefront of my thoughts. I can see Her eyes if I but close my own, and it hurts.

Sheesh- get a load of me: all maudlin and morose when most of my brain is actually going 'wingwingwingwingnyarnyarnyar WOOP!' Not to be confused with 'IckyIckyIcky Pa'Tang Zwooop BOINGGG!'

I'm gonna have to commit the 'Gundog' story premise to paper -er, type anyway- one of these days. I don't feel like going into it at the moment, but it takes the idea of Military Contractors and Citizen Soldiers to a somewhat different place.

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