Sunday, March 05, 2006

Geek Think

So, I was flippin channels the other day- an activity which I almost never partake of- and Stargate SG1 was playing on SciFi. I've never had anything against the show, but, not unlike the new Battlestar: Galactica series, what I've seen of it has rarely sparked my interest.
So I watched SG1 for a few minutes, and it occurred to me that I haven't watched Stargate (the film) in years. So I popped in the tape and reunited with an old friend.

Immediately after the opening of the movie, my brain starts whirring, like a clockwork Turing Engine cruising the catastrophe curve to self destruction.

The film opens to an archaeological dig in Giza, Egypt in 1928.
The archaeologist (name of Langford, I believe) in charge arrives to great excitement and speaks to his colleagues in a language with distict germanic tones to it. Further research revealed that the language was Swedish- although some people argue that it was very badly-pronounced Norwegian.

So, the Stargate was found by a (possibly) Swedish archaeologist in 1928, and
then shows up in the possession of the US Air Force in 1994. That's almost 80 years unnacounted for.

A little digging reveals that it's generally understood by the fan community that the US picked up the Stargate the same way they picked up a space program- they/we took it from Berlin around 1945.

Here's the part that surprised me most- with all the alledged techno-fetishism and occult tendencies, no one seems to have given much thought to the possibility of the Nazis playing with the Stargate.

So now visions start dancing in my head of the Nazi elite missing at the end of the war- the ones rumored to have lived out their days in Brail and whatnot- evacuated through the gate to an unknown destination, escorted by a battalion or more of SS troops. A bomb falls, a facility is destroyed, and the gate lies buried in rubble until US forces recover it later.

And maybe, just maybe, a portion of the brains of the Third Reich is out there among the stars, doing their damnedest to live Hitler's Aryan dream, and find their way home again...