Saturday, March 13, 2010

oh- completely forgot!

I'm an internet hooligan!

I got banned from CNN's comments section on Thursday!
It all started with an article about suicide.

It was a pretty good article overall, if a bit narrow-minded for my tastes in certain areas.

Some cat commented that the nature of the individual must be considered, the situation, and above all, the individual's rights.
He didn't write well, and his opinion was fairly ill-received, but I felt his position had merit, so I stepped in to support his ideas.

Keeping things civil, I participated sparingly in the ensuing... conversation.
I was surprised how few religious-right "abomination against God" replies; but overall, no one seemed to be willing to consider the notion of a consenting adult's right to order their own life- or death.

No one was willing to accept the notion of choice.

So I tried one last tactic (as it turned out, one last post before everything I said was deleted and I was banned)-
I asked (more or less), "If you can support a woman's right to choose to abort a pregnancy, whether the choice is based on convenience or anything else short of medical necessity; how can you not support the choice of a 40 year-old severe chronic pain victim when he decides to abort a life of continued and increasing pain?"

Apparently CNN's got an allergy to my version of liberal ideology.
Not as severe as Fox News, perhaps, but still...


Jeff said...

Wow! Way to go. Thats an acomplishment. Were you informated that you were banned because of your comments or is that assumed? I wonder if they deleteted your comments because the were worried it sounded too much like a reciepe for offing ones self. They didn't want a bunch of dead chronic pain sufferers on their conciences. Either way WTF that seems pretty extream to delete comments like yours on a suicide thread they started?

Antipaladin said...

Well, my shit was deleted and I was informed of the ban at the same time, so I think it's a safe assumption that the tow events are intimately related...

The Frog Queen said...

Damn sir!!! Congrats!